KALiPZO – I Like Cake

August 12, 2018 by Seth Winkler

Hoang – Don’t Say (ft. Nevve)

June 6, 2018 by Seth Winkler

The Regency – Love Lately

April 27, 2018 by Seth Winkler

Kazy Lambist x Glasses – Love Song

March 21, 2018 by Seth Winkler

cozmoe – Brand New Day

February 11, 2018 by Seth Winkler

We were just introduced to this song “Brand New Day” and it’s our new obsession. It might remind of you of those early Deadmau5 hits combined with the lush, futurist sound of early Odezza. Cozmoe seem to be taking the best aspects from the modern classics in electronic music. Check it out. We’d love to see the project keep going in this direction, he is definitley onto something.