Take Me Home – läzro & Travis Gibb ft. Kyra B

February 13, 2018 by Seth Winkler

I just caught wind of this collaboration between läzro & Travis Gibb, both stand-out artists who are turning heads in the EDM scene right now. The genre as a whole has been going strong lately, and is definitely rewarding artists who revamp the classic dance sound people love into more modern context.  Take Me Home is a great example of that with a 2018-pop-sensible sound, largely thanks to an excellent vocal part by Kyra B.

Almost Owen – If It Were Me

February 12, 2018 by Seth Winkler

“If It Were Me” I’d listen to Almost Owen’s recently released single on repeat twenty four hours a day. Seriously, I can’t stop bumping the upcoming North East based musician’s hip-hop fueled pop track. From the catchy hook to the simple yet head bumping instrumental, or the final verse where he pitches down the lead vox and spits down a sick flow. Hard to choose why exactly I love the song, but give it a listen to fully understand why I am into it.

Saavan – Like Fire

February 12, 2018 by Seth Winkler

Electronic artist Saavan’s latest track, “Like Fire,” invites listeners to escape from the narrow-minded viewpoints we too often embody and to instead appreciate how complex our existence is. If that strikes a cord with ya, definitely check out this track.

Joyner Lucas x Stann Smith – Big Ticket

February 12, 2018 by Seth Winkler

Joyner Lucas and Stann Smith team up for “Big Ticket” and boy is this track hot. With gestures at A Tribe Called Quest and Rakim, it’s obvious these two are old school souls. Check out this old school track with a new school spin.

IMQ – Weekend (DJ Shaw-t Remix)

February 12, 2018 by Seth Winkler

Weekends are the best. Nobody doesn’t like them. So what’s better than a weekend jam? Check out “Weekend” (DJ Shaw-t Remix) by IMQ and blast this track all weekend long.

cozmoe – Brand New Day

February 11, 2018 by Seth Winkler

We were just introduced to this song “Brand New Day” and it’s our new obsession. It might remind of you of those early Deadmau5 hits combined with the lush, futurist sound of early Odezza. Cozmoe seem to be taking the best aspects from the modern classics in electronic music. Check it out. We’d love to see the project keep going in this direction, he is definitley onto something.

Altvater – Arcturus

February 6, 2018 by Seth Winkler

Experimental electronic music is among my favorite musical genres. So, you know how excited I was when I first discovered this southern California based artist, Altvater, a few months back. Trippy soundscapes laden with expert musical arrangements characterize his work. Bump his latest track, “Arcturus,” and get ready to groove.

James Kahil – Superstars (prod. Mantra)

February 4, 2018 by Seth Winkler

Chicago’s James Kahil returns with “Superstars”, a vivacious pop anthem produced by Mantra. His previous release was also produced by Mantra, and we’ve been loving their creations. Subtle, romantic and uplifting James is able to create his own world within his work. Smash that play and groove on.


February 3, 2018 by Seth Winkler

“WAY OUT” is the debut single by this electronic producer and vocalist, WNTALN. This artist has been on the move, traveling the world for most of his life. Right now he’s bouncing back and forth between Atlanta to Singapore while making his music. This is likely what gives his project such a diversity of sound, which falls under a unique style of dance music.