February 29, 2016 by Bryan Peace

The newest free track from Slushii was posted today. Who is Slushii? I don’t really know. I’m sure it’s Marshmello’s brother or something.

All I know is that it’s getting closer to slushie weather, and that I can get behind.


February 29, 2016 by Seth Winkler

I have had close tabs on Goldwash for sometime now and he’s really blossomed as 2016’s unfolded. With his funky debut, “But U Know” he demonstrated his ability to write a dance anthem, and now we’re shown his versatility. “Need To Hear” incorporates water sounds and bouncy rhythms that make me want to groove out.


February 29, 2016 by Bryan Peace

Palette – the debut EP from 17-year old producer soupandreas. “Palette EP is about my exploration of sound, in all its forms. I’ve been venturing more and more into the weirder and wilder sounds.”

Encompassing a palette of sounds, soup’s EP is comprised of tracks ranging from jazz-influenced and future-inspired tunes to outright bangers, such as “Life Goes On”. A highly versatile and exciting collection of sounds from soupandreas.

The EP is available on March 17, 2016!

Azide + MorrisCode

February 29, 2016 by Bryan Peace

Azide & MorrisCode drop a massive tune today through Trap Party. Grab this free download and let it help you gather the energy to make it through another week!


February 29, 2016 by Bryan Peace

~got me burning with fire
ur takin me higher~


February 29, 2016 by Bryan Peace

Once or twice a year you randomly come across an artist while browsing on Soundcloud that makes up for the thousands of poorly picked play buttons that you press. LUNA is one of those artists.

Following the ‘Fuck Genres’ mantra, LUNA blends trap, future & chill all in one. His tracks could be found playing in your bedroom or the darkest of clubs. I know that I will be following LUNA from now on.

SIVIK – Winter Collection EP

February 27, 2016 by Seth Winkler

SIVIK has always had a classic pop sound that is simply comforting. And right now some of SIVIK’s easy-listening vocal melodies are something I could really use. Lucky for me, the new EP ‘Winter Collection’ just dropped and it’s got some real gems. My favorite of the three new songs is probably “Time” but they all have something a little different. So listen up and find out for yourself!

Nozart – Just Let It Go

February 25, 2016 by Seth Winkler

“Just Let It Go” is honestly one of my favorite tracks I’ve heard in a long time. When my friend sent it over I new that it was going to be good music because his taste is on point, but man was I shocked. Stream below and enjoy.

Andrew Grant – Gravity

February 24, 2016 by Seth Winkler

After two big releases that got a lot of well-deserved attention, Andrew Grant is back with his third creation, “Gravity.” You’ll be hooked the minute you hear the crisp vocal hook. And once the drop kicks in you will realize the new single “Gravity” has something to offer all electronic music listeners. Check it out!