Element – Daydream (ft. Jack Forster)

December 10, 2015 by

TastyTreat will be a household name in 2016. After a massive hear the Californian duo heads back to wrap up their NeonEffect tour and release series. Their last track with Tribes was an absolute beauty, oncologist so we can’t wait to show you this one. Stream below.

Chris Cruz is an NYC native who makes music under the moniker Element. This past weekend as I was scrolling around Soundcloud I ran into “Daydream, find
” only his second release to date but it’s a monstrous future trap original with smooth almost serenading vocals that will grasp your attention immediately. Start off your week the right way by listening to “Daydream” now and be sure to pick up your free copy of it too! Element has a bright horizon ahead of him, looking forward to hear some new music by him soon enough.


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