Tyus – City Of The Rose (Wheathin Remix)

December 16, 2015 by Seth Winkler

Always getting excited when anything Wheathin related comes about. Today he has brought an awesome remix of Tyus. With some really trippy synths and a beautiful voice you will get completely lost in this one. Stream below and grab a download here.

Moving Castle Your Love Remixes

December 15, 2015 by Seth Winkler

Team Moving Castle has released some absolute heat today. This time with an unlikely member Hoodboi joining the roster. These new remixes give an awesome twist on the original track and will have your head spinning with excitement after every track. Stream below and grab a free download off soundcloud. Enjoy!

DEVAULT x Evillive – Lost in U feat. Eve DeVault

December 14, 2015 by Seth Winkler

“Lost in U” is a banger. Produced by Evillive and DEVAULT, I’m head nodding as I write this feature. We absolutely love their sounds and can’t wait to hear more.

Matchbox Orchestra – Morning Grace

December 14, 2015 by Seth Winkler

Matchbox Orchestra may not have many releases under their belt, but the production is undoubtably there. “Morning Grace” sends good vibes and portrays strong vocals from none other than Ben Cardilli. I for one am loving this track.

Almost Winter

December 14, 2015 by Bryan Peace

Well, At some point in the year we will hit winter. The weather has been pretty amazing around my parts so I’m in no rush to get there yet.

In other news, yes, it’s Monday, but don’t you worry! We have some great new, free tracks to share with you!

Free n Losh – Runnin’ (ft. Busty And The Bass)

December 13, 2015 by Seth Winkler

“Runnin'” is one of those tunes I can’t stop playing. Free n Losh has done it again folks. Keep the feels groovin’ guys, this one’s amazing.

Element – Daydream (ft. Jack Forster)

December 10, 2015 by Seth Winkler

TastyTreat – For a Minute (feat. MOONZz)

December 10, 2015 by Seth Winkler

TastyTreat will be a household name in 2016. After a massive hear the Californian duo heads back to wrap up their NeonEffect tour and release series. Their last track with Tribes was an absolute beauty, so we can’t wait to show you this one. Stream below.

Xela – Back on the Move [Prod. Manitee]

December 9, 2015 by Seth Winkler

This young rapper is doing a great job uniting the hip-hop and producer world under the project, Xela. “Back on the Move” is a hot beat produced by Manitee and it shows the lyrical skills this hip-hop artist is capable of. I can’t wait to hear more down the line.