AU5 Snowblind Remixes

April 21, 2015 by

lil silk surfer crystal vision

Surf’s up, here y’all. New bootleg from Crystal Vision of Lil Silk & Macturnup’s track SURFER which was produced by Mayhem & Spaghetti J, dosage if you didn’t know.


Snowblind has an air of success about it already. Combine the original mix with fresh ears of new/rising artists and you create a masterpiece. Compiling them into an original EP package brings the works of art to the fans.
Xilent: In the first remix with XILENT the tenacious pops of sound and enhanced vocals from the talented Tasha Baxter, seek with hard hitting electro feel brings a bright light to an already great track.
Fractal: Slowing the track down a little to enhance the transcended melody and bring up the vocals with emphasis on the vocal talents of Tasha Baxter. Still making the song a hit with heavy bass drops the Fractal remix breathes a new essence of air into Snowblind.
Prismatic: Adding high energy Prismatic provides a new perspective of sound to the track. The progressive rendition of this remix brings to the front Snowblinds ability to be a peak hour track.
Syntact:Opening with a melodic piano entrance brings the focus to Tasha Baxter’s beautiful vocals. Layered synth mixed atop the foundation of Snowblind enhances the overall feel the song brings when listened to.
Wrapping up the remix package is the instrumental piece which debuts Au5’s production skills and creates a track that acts as a foundational piece for fans of all types to enjoy.


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