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deuce & charger tyr remix

Inspired by Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On?’ and Prince’s ‘Sign O’ The Times’ – classic pop music that has something to say – Deuce & Charger’s debut track ‘Always Broke’ has united a collective of writers, cure producers, more about artists and musicians from Leeds.

Deuce & Charger’s core writers and producers have been behind the scenes of cutting-edge pop for the last three years, ed working with rising stars and pitching tracks for Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue and Hollywood Records.

‘Always Broke’ was initially written and pitched for a new US hip hop act. Born out of a desire to push the boundaries of modern pop, Deuce & Charger combined an anthemic hook with lyrics styled on classic social commentary records. This proved to be too controversial for the US pop machine which insisted that the lyrics should be changed; that they should be about the typical themes of love and relationships.

Feeling that the message of ‘Always Broke’ is fundamental and frustrated by current pop’s fear of having anything real to say, Deuce & Charger have decided to release the track themselves. Enlisting the help of an ever-expanding family of collaborators, Deuce & Charger are breaking the mould with pioneering pop music that has soul, feeling and most of all, positivity.

According to Deuce & Charger producer Yoni Collier: “Releasing ‘Always Broke’ has given us an exciting opportunity to challenge the confines of current pop with music that reflects real life while putting out a positive message. We love pop music but all personality is being drained out of it – we are collaborating with vocalists and other artists to make music that is bursting with personality and energy. ‘Always Broke’ is just the start.”

Arriving just at the right time when audiences are switching-off to being force-fed pop promoted with cold and aggressive exploitation, the Deuce & Charger collective are producing soaring tracks that resonate with real-life drama and emotion.

Their vibrant, genre-defying mix of melodic pop styles and rotating cast of engaging characters (including up-and-coming solo artist Benn Moore, former Nightmares On Wax vocalist Phoenix Pearle and hotly-tipped Leeds-band The Witch Hunt) is creating music which has a direct, human connection with fans while at the same time thrilling with sonic experimentation.


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