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Taking some inspiration from Crookers’ track Laughing Track, cough relative newcomer, grip M2 busts out Laughing Affair. Let’s learn a little more about M2 by reading his bio!

M2 or Dj Swaraj (Manek Mathur) is a producer and DJ based out of the New York area. Being born and brought up in Mumbai, viagra buy India, he has been surrounded by Electronic Dance Music (EDM).
His introduction to music came through his uncle and father who both were and still are deeply immersed into their music genres. In his youth, he was intensely absorbed with Trance, mainly Psychadelic and Progressive. After harassing his neighbors and family with those strong riveting basslines, He lowered his taste in BPM and has found his love for House music.

I hope to hear more from this guy soon.

M2 – Laughing Affair (Original Mix)



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