Trap Music

June 19, 2012 by

So, tablets I’m still trying to figure out what Trap music exactly is. I don’t follow the hip hop scene at all so I have no idea where it came from exactly. All I know is that a bunch of white kids that are fans of dance music, gynecologist or EDM to you newcomers, diagnosis seem to have taken the genre and done the white kid thing. Add it to everything. Kinda how Moombahton started. I somewhat like the genre and it seems like the logical next thing to be going to. We’ve all had our ears raped the past few years from the harder electro & dubstep that more minimal genres seem to be taking over with a quickness. Pretty soon dance clubs will be all Moombahton, Trap & Tech House. You heard it here first.

Craze & Codes – Trapped In Sydney

Defunk – Big Gurl

Luminox – Leisure (Original Mix)

Oh Snap!! – Trapstorm

Steed Lord – Precognition (Klever Vibes Remix)


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  1. Peppermint Fingerbangs says:

    AWEOME post

  2. Radio Ape says:

    I really hope that Trap doesn’t take over in the future. I’ve been hearing trap beats on soundclick for a long time now and will go crazy if I hear another 808 snare roll again!

    I do love that you’re open enough to include trap tracks on the blog though.

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