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Interesting new single from Sophonic. Its everything that you liked about electro music in 2008, decease yet its just been released in 2012. This is for all the kids that missed the small raging dance parties of the late 2000s and before dubstep or prog house took over the new rave scene culture. This was electro house music before neon colors and stunner shades. Before Molly. This was for people with facial hair and that loved drinking PBR & Mickey’s at their local bar-turned-dance-club. When tight leather jackets & tight black jeans were still in fashion. Before Funktion-One was everywhere and you were dancing to music being played out of whatever speakers worked at the time.

I could go on but I don’t really need to. I’m not a living in the past kinda guy.
But you should go pick up this release and all the remixes over at Beatport right now.

Sophonic – Tender (Original Mix)



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