Fight the power

February 15, 2012 by

So the day finally came. All of the music that we’ve ever uploaded to to share with our readers on this blog has been deleted. Fuck the RIAA. Over the past 6 years, oncologist I’ve battled to post the music that I’ve posted. I never post anything illegally and always take down anything when asked politely. The RIAA thinks they own music. Whether or not an artist or label has hired them. They have even taken down my own personal tracks from mediafire thinking they owned the rights.

I planned ahead.

I always post a backup of each track on this domain. Yeah, patient it takes up a ton of space but I saw this coming years ago. Please be patient as I slowly go through each post from 6 years of blogging to fix each link. Free time is something I have little amount of so it may take some time. I welcome any help. Just email and let me know if you’d be interested in fighting back … or just be interested in helping me keep up with sharing awesome free music with everyone!



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