Helsinki 78-82

January 26, 2010 by

Helsinki 78-82 is a project by Top Billin team members Flipper & Koobra, this online who’ve always been active and always been down to bring something new to the label. While Flipper is part of the Top Billin dj team and has always been the most high-flying of us, pharmacy so no wonder the the new 12” is some musical bliss that’ll leave you feeling that good good. This is what we call Big City House music, when you’re cruising the streets at night with the top down – no words needed. In a manner Michael Mann would be proud of.

We’re only providing these downloads in 128 kbs because we really think you should go buy the whole EP!

Helsinki 78-82 – So Lifelike featuring Villa Nah

Helsinki 78-82 – Cruising


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