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electric beatdown 05/07/09
electric beatdown 05/07/09


Here are two new tracks and a remix from BEATpUNKS. These tracks are straight bangers with big builds, sales nasty synths, and teched-out glitches.

Listening to these tracks make me think about being at the one year anniversary of Electric Beatdown, a weekly party in Stillwater, that BEATpUNKS raged last Thursday. This party was one in one out by 12 and people were falling off tables left and and right, one of the tables even collapsed!

Peak hour material here:

BEATpUNKS – Music, Dance, WOW [YSI]

BEATpUNKS – Playtime [YSI]

Fuzeta – Papelotes (BEATpUNKS Remix) [YSI]


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    new look is great! Hooray for 400th post! Thanks B!

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