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So somehow spammers hacked the blog and changed all my index files to contain only links to spam websites. In a fit of rage I just went through and started deleting index files from the server so now I don’t really know what I need to replace – let me know if you find any broken areas of the site.

I would love to stab those fucking spammers right now. Leaves us and our readers alone.


  1. Ryan says:

    They got us a couple weeks back and attacked out index.php and index.html files. It’s called spam-injection.

    If it’s anything like ours, we had to go into every one of those files and edit out the block of spam code.

    Looks like you’re back up now though.

  2. b says:

    yeah, they just attacked anything with the word ‘index’ in it it seems. i went through and took out all the spam from the source but it would get added back right away so i just deleted and reinstalled all the blog software. now i think its back to normal.

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