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January 9, 2008 by

Thursday in Lawrence was awesome. Last night with Jonathan Ackerman was awesome. Tonight with Sovietpanda at TOO MUCH LOVE will be awesome as well. Today we’ll be playing a little set on Radio K here in Minneapolis at 5pm. Tune in if you live around here or online at 
We made it back! Driving is not my best friend. Sleeping is my best friend.

We had so much fun! Many thanks to the guys of NEON in Lawrence & everyone in Minneapolis! Jonathan is the best ever! Make sure to go see Jonathan and Bird Peterson on their midwest tour this month! They’ll be here at Robotic next wednesday!

Anyways, sickness there are pictures from Friday & Saturday on different people’s myspace pages and stuff. Josh from the Moon Goons took a crap load from TOO MUCH LOVE on Saturday. You can also see a few choice selections on my myspace. We’ll also have a video recap of the little trip online soon!

I’ll be posting some hot tracks later this week from people that I met over the weekend! Stay tuned!

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