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March 1, 2007 by

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Totally Michael

Last night I got to see Totally Michael at the Soundpony in Tulsa. Talk about fun times! I picked myself up a totally rad shirt and a CD.

According to his totally sweet website his name is Michael, sovaldi he likes cashews, check he is from Bloomington, pharm IN, he enjoys dancing a lot, and he was cursed with a small penis. Also, he has a wonderful story about balloons which goes like this: “i bought 1000 balloons off of ebay for like 20 bucks. they were all melted and shit when i got them. whenever i ask my friends to help me blow them up they always complain. “these are the worst balloons ever.” my friends say. i tell my friends “i’ll give you something to complain about.” and they back down”

Here is a song!

Totally Michael – “Don’t Stop”

Oh, and here is a totally cool live video I found on Youtube. It shows what my favorite part of the show was – when he had the room split in to two parts. You could either be a cheerleader or part of the drill team. I think we all know that the drill team kicks ass. I had to move all the way to the other side so that I wouldn’t be a suspected cheerleader.

In other news, MSTRKRFT has teamed up with PUMA and now they have their own shoes. They’re pretty cool. Cool and spikey. See more pictures here. You can also enter a contest to win the shoes. I did, so you really shouldn’t enter… they’re mine. I also really want the TRON shoes (Reebok) when they come out… if they come out.



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